To the home of student sailing at Strathclyde University

Join us for a few drinks and some food at our socials every Wedensday!

More info on the events page.

Here we hope you will find all the information you need about our club including all our club activities and any special events coming up. The University of Strathclye Sailing Club is available to all students of Strathclyde university and have access to sailing all over the country.

Come Sail With Us

We are proud to say that there are many opportunities to come sailing with us regardless of your level of skill.

Come compete in the SSS leagues and BUSA national competitions !

Come learn to sail with our beginners program or develop your skills further !

Come for the run ashore with us as we attempt to prove our prowess at bars across the nation !

A note from our club Commodore

Hi, I’m Sophie and entering my 4th year of university and sailing club shenanigans. As the Commodore this year I am involved in overseeing the running of the club. If you want to ask any questions feel free to get in touch! I can be found at most sailing sessions and all the socials at our sponsor pub BarHome. Check out the rest of the website and our Facebook pages to see what we can offer you - from beginner lessons to the seasoned racer and the social sailor. There is something for everyone!

See you on the water!

Club Commodore: Sophie Taylor

Our Committee


Commodore: Sophie Taylor

Contact: commodore@strathsail.co.uk

Secretary: Isla Coe

Contact: secretary@strathsail.co.uk

Treasurer: Fergus MacVicar

Contact: treasurer@strathsail.co.uk

Yachting Captain: Sergio Cavalieri

Contact: yachtingcaptain@strathsail.co.uk

Dinghy Captain: Jose Aroca

Contact: dinghycaptain@strathsail.co.uk

Open Sailing Captain: Jack Jardine

Contact: opensailing@strathsail.co.uk

Training Officer: John Gilderdale-Smith

Contact: training@strathsail.co.uk

Bosun/Equipment Officer: Ross Oxburgh

Contact: bosun@strathsail.co.uk

Social Secretary: Arturo Beltra

Contact: socialsec@strathsail.co.uk


Sponsorship and Media Officer: Romane Vulliez

Contact: media@strathsail.co.uk

Ordinary Member: Ali Gray

Contact: OM@strathsail.co.uk

Ordinary Member: Oscar Andrews

Contact: OM@strathsail.co.uk