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7th October - A Masterclass in Team Racing: 6, You're Over!

Friday will see our 'Masterclass in Team Racing' series continue with Starting Strategy.

A good start is key to putting your team into an advantageous position off the bat and a good starting strategy is most often not practiced enough.

7th October - Bingo and Quiz Night

Ahoy sailorz,

You know what time of the week is coming up........ The Wednesday social 

You can be just as excited for this week as you were last week. This week we have a quiz, followed by a couple of games of bingo.

7th October - A Masterclass in Team Racing: No Room in There!

In this class we will cover Section C of the Rule Book; Giving Room at Marks and Obstructions.

30th September - Virtual Beer Pong

StrathSail's first ever virtual beer pong tounament! Come dressed up in your best fancy dress and prove you worth on the beer pong table.

This week's fancy dress theme is dynamic duos so grab another member of your household, whether it be a best friend, a sibling, a flatmate you hate or a parent with a beer pong past!

30th September - Team Racing for Dummies: The Great Discovery

Want to join the sailing team but don't have the foggiest what team racing is? Or have you just forgotten what a smack down is over the long summer months, while you were baking your banana bread and perfecting the latest tik tok. Never fear, Zoom is here!

This Wednesday, our dingy captain will be running a short intro to team racing/ reminder session via Zoom to run through the basics of team racing.


The club will be present at the Fresher’s Sports Fair on the 18th of September at the University Centre!
Our members will be there to answer all of your questions, and you’ll be able to sign up for the different club activities!

Can't wait to meet you all!


So, you’ve survived a few Wednesdays socials and most of you managed to survive family ties, now it’s time to step it up a notch! The real deal, the famous (or should I say infamous!) Glasgow SUBCRAWL is happening!

If you have any questions email Max:!



To celebrate Christmas and the end of exams, the sailing club organises every year a Christmas Dinner! This is the best/biggest social event of te year so it is not to be missed!

Tickets inlcude food and beverage!

After the food we will be giving out this year's Awards and doing our traditional Secret Santa!


If you have any questions email Max:!



Sports Ball is one of the biggest event and is not to be missed!

Put your kilt/fancy dress on and come join us for the best night of the year! 


 If you have any questions email Max:!

18-19 MAY - WRATH O' STRATH: 1st Edition


Done with exams? Going to miss the sailing, fancy dress and student sailing chat after Champs? 

Strathsail invite you to the only Scottish random pairs team racing regatta on the 18th/19th May held at Bardowie Loch! 

Awesome prizes, cracking socials in Glasgow, BBQs and the usual 20 degree sunshine! 


If you have any questions email me at!





Here you will find just a small selection of photos from our recent escapades!